Making it simple to get started with robot automation

EasyRobotics is a Danish company with many years’ experience designing and developing machines for industrial applications. They produce the ProFeeder which is a very strong and robustly engineered, modular robot cell. A robot arm is mounted onto it and parts can be fed in and out of automatic CNC lathes and milling machines. A tray sits in the ProFeeder that contains parts to be processed. When complete these parts are removed from the robot cell and replaced.

The ProFeeder is a modular system that can be expanded in three steps, from small to large, where the expansion and investment is made in accordance with production needs.

Main features:

  • Can store parts for an entire shift
  • Able to be quickly moved to a new station with pallet truck
  • Easy to set-up – just connect electricity and air
  • Compact design allows access to the CNC machine
  • Robot arm can be placed on three sides of the cell

Maximum mobility and flexibility

The ER5 series from EasyRobotics is mobile cobot platform developed to maximise mobility and flexibility in robotic automation.

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For more information download the X-STK EasyRobotics brochure here or visit the EasyRobotics website here.