Collaborative and Industrial Robots help companies with Labour Shortages

The new Cambrian 3D Vision System

Low cost, highly accurate, Cambrian 3D Vision System now available from Applied Automation’s Technical Distribution Division –

With increasing numbers of organisations struggling to recruit both skilled and non-skilled labour, many are now considering the use of collaborative and industrial robots in the workplace. Typically used for bin picking, pick and place, assembly, cable insertion and warehouse logistics applications, collaborative and industrial robots can operate, if required, 24/7 without the need to stop.

Cambrian Robotics Vision System is an add-on to a robot and uses an Artificial Intelligence-based solution which effectively gives the robot arm human-level skills for various manufacturing tasks. Image data from the stereo camera, which can be mounted on the robot or above the work area, ensures outstanding accuracy and the camera doesn’t require any external lighting. The system can pick a wide range of different metal or plastic parts and it’s suitable for use on Kuka, ABB and UR cobots. The system also includes various attachment plates for use with Universal Robot’s popular ecosystem grippers.

Andy Haly, a specialist robotics expert at Applied, cannot praise the Cambrian Vision Systems highly enough, “We’ve spent months testing various vision systems and in my opinion Cambrian’s offering is a great solution. It’s fantastic value for money, it’s simple to install and can be used for many applications.”

“We are especially pleased to be sales partners with Cambrian as we recognise the sales potential of this product into the UK market.”

For more information, or an on-line demonstration, contact Applied Automation on: 02920 494551